[What I’m aching for today]

What I’m aching for today
to wear a wisp of a summer dress
off-the-shoulder, with a low-cut
neck and back and above all
swishy around the hips

then go into the garden with it
the sun is shining warmly, but the wind
keeps it bearable and makes
the dress move and then

you’re there too of course who
thinks the dress is beautiful as well and together
we take it off and hang it
on a branch

and lie in the grass looking at
this wisp of a summer dress in a tree, that’s
what I’m aching for the most today.

From What You Are Looking At (Waar je naar zit te kijken, 1994)
By Jo Govaerts
Translated by Deborah Ffoulkes

First published in The Low Countries, 1997